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  • Why Choose Technologically Crafted Dog Fences Over DIY Ones?

    Why Choose Technologically Crafted Dog Fences Over DIY Ones?

    When it comes to the safety and well-being of our beloved furry friends, ensuring they have a secure and controlled environment is essential. Dog fences are vital in keeping our dogs safe, preventing them from straying away or encountering potential dangers. While DIY dog fences may seem cost-effective, technologically crafted dog fences offer several advantages…

  • Tips to Ensure Better Well-Being of Your Dog

    Tips to Ensure Better Well-Being of Your Dog

    Yes, when you are a pet owner, you consider your pet more than your family. And when it is about your family, you will do everything possible to take the best care of the pet and ensure well-being. All we need is to be compassionate and dedicated to offering all modern amenities to have better…

  • Commercial Pet Foods

    Commercial Pet Foods

    I am often asked to explain what exactly is wrong with the “normal” pet foods. Even when it is obvious from the health of the pet, it may be difficult to say what it is about the food which makes it unsuitable. Unlike for human food the law allows ingredient listing on pet food to…

  • 5 Tips For Choosing the Best Vet For Your Dog

    If you haven’t already found one, or worked with one in the past, you need to find a vet. Pick one you feel comfortable with, and who answers your questions in full, completely and gives you answers you can understand.

  • Flea Control For Cats And Dogs

    As a pet owner I’m sure you’d be frustrated at the sight of your pet scratching and suffering from fleas. If you look into the veterinary arsenal you will see that there are a number of products that help you fight the war against fleas.

  • Lesser-Known Dog Breeds

    Have you ever seen a beagle? Sure you have. What about a basset hound? Of course! How about a Polish Owczarek Nizinny? Didn’t think so. Its one of many unfamiliar breeds of dogs roaming the Earth and though it has a funny name (to Americans anyway), it is a beautiful creature.

  • The Dog’s Internal Anatomy: Part 1 – Skeletal

    The dog’s skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems are actually pretty similar to our own. They are mammals, just like us, and they share some of the same characteristics. Of course, they are four-legged, they do not sweat, they have a tail, and differ in many other ways, but the systems are alike.

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